Friday, August 7, 2009

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Totally unnecessary.

Been finding fault in all the little issues as of late.
Don't bother, just need to whine to be fine.

School's being polluted by just too many unnecessary humans.

A girl wearing tight-fitting top, a checkered mini-skirt that's mini-er than mini and a pair of, i mean.
Every single step she took is accompanied by the stupidest 'dance' gestures I've ever seen.
Super irritating.
Couldn't stand looking at the bimbo but my eyes were stubbornly glued to her.
Please uh, you're in a school, not a club for tootness sake.

An effingly huge girl wearing something that's meant for Eva Longoria.
Felt like my eyes have been stabbed.

Please uh, put your brain, that has apparently plummeted to your ass, back to where it should be.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DR. Love in da house.

I've got 2 clients under my care as of now.
Both clients are childhood friends of mine.
And I guess it's safe to say that they are both of higher intellect,
considering the fact that they got into their respective Uni with much ease.
But what happens when both are pinned down with relationship issues?,
though one of them is not even in an official relationship.
Dilemma? Fallen? Defeated?

Current situation of client A: Hanging.

Client A has been with her bf for over a year now.
And only recently, her bf opened up to her, saying that he's not sure of his actual feelings for her.
He said that he has not reached the level of LOVE and that that's something that they both should work towards.
Yesterday, she gave a lead to a probable cause of their tension: A third party.
Someone whom she knew and meet frequently.
Though this other person is not in the wrong because it's him that is confused.
According to client A, her bf felt some kinda unusual attraction towards this girl,
and is not able to fight the attraction off like he normally could.
As much as she doesn't want to end the relationship, she couldn't bear to wait any longer.
He's confused and indecisive, telling her that he needs more time to sort his feelings out and that he still likes my client and does not wish to part.

So he's honest and upfront. But what if he takes ages to come to a decision? All the more client A should try to regain his swayed attention, if she still loves him. Furthermore, it's just an attraction, nothing going on between him and the other girl. If his focus is back on track, they should be back fine though feelings for each other won't be the same as how it began.

Bottomline is, it shouldn't be a one-sided affair in a relationship. It has definitely gotta be mutual; both must want things to work out. If both parties are no longer keen or has uncertainties that seem to be unsettled within a period of time, might as well let the matters rest.

[Truth hurts, lies worst]

Current situation of Client B: Similar to client A.

Stay tuned.

[Emotions do overpower Intelligence]